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Visually impaired people can count on a guide dog. But what about when dogs go blind? Who they can count on?

Vidoclasses with a Veterinary Ophthalmologist
The Human Guides platform developed video lessons that teach simple methods for taking care of dogs that have lost their sight.
A mini-documentary presented the Pedigree Human Guides platform, through touching stories about people and their dogs.

Press and posters
Print ads and posters were done in oil on canvas, bringing a touch of art to the graphic material.

Educational handbooks and posters
Illustrated handbooks and posters were handed out in stores and pet shops, and can be downloaded from the site.

NEW YORK FESTIVAL: Bronze press LUERZER'S ARCHIVE: Capa da Archive, 1 Ad of the Week WAVE FESTIVAL: 2 bronzes

CANNES LIONS: Bronze press EL OJO: Silver press COLUNISTAS BR: Gold press COLUNISTAS NORTE/NORDESTE: Grand prix press

Visual of the campaign with the art directors Renato Butori and Rafael Gil.

Art direction with Pedro Reis.

CANNES LIONS: Shortlist em outdoor

EL OJO: Bronze em press BestAds  LUERZER'S ARCHIVE: Publicado 

The "Moose Test" is made internationally to evaluate the stability of the vehicles and its latest edition happened next to the launch of Nova Amarok in Brazil. The Volkswagen pickup was approved, while one of its main competitors failed terribly. We take the time to create an ad to show that all the stability that is lacking in the competition,
Nova Amarok has plenty of it.
When you open the ad, the user sees an animation of Nova Amarok walking and a message asking him to move the phone. No matter how much the user moves or rotates, the pickup never goes head-to-head, just as it was proven in the test.